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Not only, one of the most preeminent eyewear designers today, Blake Kuwahara is the founder and creative director of Focus Group West (FGW) - a multi-disiplinary boutique desgn firm with a focus on branding and design for both the optical and fashion industries.


Kuwahara, who also holds a doctorate of optometry, first gained international acclaim as the creator and designer of the exclusive KATA Eyewear collection. His groundbreaking engineering and use of production techniques to create texture and unique detail are irrefutably apparent in Kuwahara's exclusive eponymous range of sunglasses and optical frames, first launched in 2014.


Kuwahara's bold experimentation and design innovation have gained him a strong following in the fashion industry media and along with a multitude of design awards across the optical and fashion worlds and has been descibed as "a gifted talent, blessed with savvy and unmistakeable sense of style"


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